Restarting my Blog … Not

I wrote about a month ago that I would like to restart my blog and write a lot better content on here. That is still the case. I would really like to do that but my priorities have shifted a little bit. I am a lot more busy with my other projects and my blog does not have the priority it should have. I will continue writing these short updates as I have been doing for the foreseeable future until I have a little more time to actually spend time on my blog.

Being Biased

People seem to be aware that humans have biases and they go to great length showing when the other side is being biased and making rash decisions. It is just a shame that most people don’t seem to be able to recognize when they are being hasty or worse cannot even imagine that they might be biased themselves.

Summer Dance Forever Battles

The battles during this year’s Summer Dance Forever were crazy. The level was so high and so many of the big names came. There were a few upsets and it was nice seeing that some of the lesser known dancers also managed to do very well. It ended up being really amazing. Every battle had some moment that really stuck.

Summer Dance Forever

I just came back from this year Summer Dance Forever. It was an amazing festival again. I didn’t sleep a lot and I am really tired right now. I cannot really form any coherent thoughts right now so I will have to right more on this in the coming days.


It is a lot of fun working with other people together. I enjoy working alone and having all of the control to create something exactly how I imagine it should be but there is a different kind of satisfaction knowing that you create something together with other people that you know none of you would be able to create alone.

Goodbye Party

One of our crew mates is moving away and she had her goodbye party yesterday. It was a nice party and we will miss her so much. It is never nice to have to say goodbye but I know that we will be doing fine here and she will be doing fine, too. At some point, your ways are just going to diverge and that is fine.

The Get Down

The Get Down is a new series by Netflix about the beginnings of Hip Hop. I watched the first episode and it was pretty nice. The made some really nice notches to the Hip Hop history and they seem to try being relatively realistic even though the story is not based in reality. At points, it was a little bit over dramatic and was jumping around in the story a little bit. I am pretty excited about the next episodes.

People not responding

I have a few issues recently with people not responding at all or responding really late. It feels really horrible and I don’t know how to deal with this. I am normally a pretty nice person. I can deal with negative things getting said about me or people being mean but I cannot deal with people ignoring me. It is so fucking stupid.


Sorry for that rant…


Recently, I started using Instagram again. I am trying right now to put up one picture up each day. I think that is a really good amount. It is not too much to be annoying but it is also regular enough that it is becoming a habit. I have been going for 7 days now and so far it looks good. I did find something to post every day but has also been difficult finding something amazing every day. There are just some days that are not as interesting as others. I could probably spend a long time posting cool old photos but I don’t want to overdo that. I want to post stuff in the moment. That might mean that I will probably either post some boring pictures or miss some days. I guess that cannot be avoided.

Dancing while having things on my mind

I lately have a lot on my mind and it makes dancing a lot more difficult. Whenever I am dancing, all kinds of thoughts end up popping up. In these cases, when I already have a lot on my mind, it becomes even more difficult to focus on my training and to lose myself in the music. Having a clear mind is so important for dancing. I guess I should solve my personal problems quickly.