I am taking part in a theater piece right now. It is interesting. It is different from doing a normal performance. Everything is a lot more abstract and there is a deeper meaning behind it. It is nice to do it but I notice that right now I am really not in the mindset for a theater production. I focus so much more on freestyle right now.

Trade Show

I am going to be at a trade show for my company next week. My business partner thinks that it will help us put us on the map. I am still skeptical. I don’t think that we will have enough connection with people to get them as new customers or create a business relationship. However, I am really curious about it. It will definitely be a new experience for me.

Playing GO

I played GO with some friends today. GO is a really fun game but it is so time consuming. I would love to be better at GO. I think that the thought process behind GO is really good for various things. It is just that GO is such a huge time commitment. Just one game of GO already takes a long time and you need hundreds of games to actually get better.

Not in the Mood

I was feeling bad today and I simply went home early from a dance event. I felt pretty bad about it the whole trip home. This is not how I am going to become a great dancer or even a great person. I am not supposed to let my emotions do this to me. I am supposed to be able to train anyways. I am supposed to value hanging out with my friends more. However, it might be super rare but sometimes I am just not in the mood for training or my friends and then I can just go home.

Watching too much

Over the last week, I was watching way too much entertainment. It all started because I was feeling a little bit sick and didn’t feel like working. I felt like I would just take it a little bit easy and watch some of the fun stuff that has lately been coming out. However, I ended up watching all day long. Everything just stopped. This would have been fine. It is cool to just have a phase when you want to do nothing. The problem started when I knew that I would feel bad, when I knew that what I was doing wasn’t actually fun, but I still kept on going. It is pretty scary. It means that my hormones have a lot more control over me than I would like to think.

I would like to believe that I could beat a drug addiction. That I would have the willpower and conscientiousness that would make me realize what I had to do. However, the reality is that I am just lucky that my vice is not actually a real addiction.

Going Home Early

I normally always stay until the end of training. I never go home early. That made it even more surprising for my friends when I went home earlier yesterday. I just didn’t have the energy. I was just hanging around and checking my phone more than actually dancing. There was no reason for me to stay around.


EBS was crazy. Such a great event. I don’t dance Krump often and I normally don’t watch a lot of Krump battles but EBS is really worth it. The level and the atmosphere is just crazy. Krump dancers give more energy than any other dancer out there. It makes for a great show and it is really enjoyable to watch. Last year, it was a little bit unorganized. The event started way too late and ended in the middle of the night. This year, the organization was great. Everything was just flying by and there were no unnecessary delays. It was amazing to be there.

Not Sleeping

I did not sleep all night on Saturday and immediately went to EBS. I was really worried that it would ruin the experience. I was worried that I might fall asleep in the middle or not have enough concentration. It was a crazy experience, though, and I was not tired at all. The emotions were so crazy that they kept me awake.

Animation Video Progress

I finally finished the animation video I posted about before. I had to use a royalty free song and make my own sound effects. It is actually pretty funny. I guess if you watch the video from a professional standpoint, there are a ton of things that are not that great. However, I hope that people will get that it is a little bit tongue in cheek. The video is not meant to be serious and I never claim that I am a great animator. I just hope that people will be able to laugh about the parts that are not great.

New Routine

I started a new morning routine. I decided to take a shower first thing, before eating, before working, and most importantly before checking my phone. That has been pretty amazing. It makes waking up way better.

The next part is that I don’t write in my journal first thing. I actually start with the most important work I need to do. That means that I still have a lot of focus and no problem doing the work. I do these more routine daily things later when my focus is waning a little bit. The whole routine has been working really well so far.