I am working on an animation video for Choomza right now. It is supposed to draw in more people and get them excited. I want to create a nice looking animation video that shows some of the stuff you can do on the site. This means that I need to animate a whole video. Technically, I am able to do it but my artistic ability is not enough to actually make it look good.

I have been drawing some of the characters and you can clearly see what I mean but they look more like scribbles than professional animations. People might be able to forgive that. If they know me, they probably don’t expect all of the drawings to be perfect. The point of the video is probably more important than how artistic it is. However, I want to use this to advertise Choomza and the video will hopefully be seen by lots of people who don’t actually know me and those might be a lot more critical of the drawing style. In the end, I have no choice though. I cannot do it better than I can do it and I cannot afford to hire somebody who can.