Over the last couple of months, I was involved in a dance theater production. The piece is very abstract with no words at all. I went into the project with no clear expectations at all. I just wanted to create something and have fun. It started out being a weird little project. We took our time and repeated the same stuff over and over again. Nothing was taking shape and a lot of people were not serious. It seemed to be just another dance course. I was worried that people would quit in the middle and the result would end up being mediocre.

I was worried but I didn’t care that much. As we got closer to the performance date, this started to shift. I got worried that we wouldn’t even finish the piece at all. With just a few weeks left, we only had a few scenes finished. A lot was still missing. I was certain that we would cut it short and just cut the rest.

It all came different. We started doing some real work during a long weekend of training. From then on, we had practice every day for upwards of five hours per day and the piece started to take form. Everything that was still missing was filled in and the group grew a lot closer. I was getting excited for the performance and this group of people.

We finally had our performance yesterday and the reception was simply amazing. Everybody loved the piece and the whole group is already talking about where to go from here. I was doubtful that I would continue doing the piece but now it seems certain that I will stick with this group for a lot longer.