I went to Amsterdam for House Dance Forever just one week ago. Amsterdam is not that far away from where I live but it still ended up being a very complicated trip. The initial plan was to take the car with some of my friends and sleep at a friend’s place in Amsterdam. Both of those things didn’t work out at all. My friends found a different car but there was no space left for me. Until just a few days before the event, I actually thought that I just wouldn’t go.

Then a different friend contacted me. I didn’t see that guy in a long time and he wanted to know how I was going to go to Amsterdam. Spontaneously, we booked the bus and the hostel just two days before the event.

I thought that I would spend the whole weekend with that friend or at least the friends I wanted to go by car with but we lost sight of each other during the event. Instead, I met some of the people again who don’t live close to me and I ended up spending most of the weekend with them.