Korean dancers are all very nice. They are open and very welcoming, but as a foreigner you still have a lot of problems integrating. People try to speak in English with you, but a lot of them are not completely fluent and are more uncomfortable than they should be. Making close friends and hanging out with people is a real problem if you only know English. (At least it was for me). So when I couldĀ take a very in depth Korean course in my university, I took the chance.

Knowing Korean helps a ton. People are very surprised if you can talk in Korean. They are already amazed if you can speak a few sentences. They do not care if you make mistakes or don’t follow the proper politeness rules. However, they will make fun of you for any kind of accent. Thanks to my Korean ability, I was able to go to places I would not have gone otherwise and I could meet amazing people that I would not have met otherwise. It was not always easy, but it was definitely worth it.