There are two views of what needs to be done for Choomza. I might think that the system should sell itself and the failure to keep people from coming back and recommending the system to their friends is a failure of my programming. I still have a lot of ideas to improve Choomza and to make it more viral. If this view is true, I should probably focus all of my time on developing more on it.

The other view is that the system is already really good but I need to change user behavior and that takes a lot of effort and time. In this case, I should not develop more on Choomza but spend more time selling it. I still have a lot of ideas of things I can do for my marketing.

However, the truth is probably that I need to do a mix of both things. I need to remind people more about Choomza and effectively communicate with them. However I should also improve Choomza so that when they visit the page, they are more inclined to stick around and recommend it to their friends. It is just that it is really hard to find the right balance between the two.