I have been studying in Korea in 2013 and I started dancing there. Now, I am back in Germany and I notice how different the dance scenes really are. One of the biggest differences I noticed is midnight training. Koreans seem to like doing things over night. They study the whole night, they play games the whole night, they party the whole night, and of course they train the whole night.

Midnight training mostly means that you meet around 11pm – 12am and then train until 5am – 6am. There are a lot of instances when one would do midnight training. Maybe you went to a battle and you lost earlier than you wanted or you want to prepare for a battle in advance. These are perfect opportunities to schedule some midnight training with your friends. Maybe you have a performance you want to prepare for. Just take your group and do some midnight training. Or maybe the most common reason: You just have some free time and want to train more.

If you are a dancer in Korea, it will be very easy to find people wanting to do midnight training. Even most dance teachers or professional dancers are doing midnight training all the time. Finding a location is equally easy. You can reserve most dance studios for midnight training for free and there are a lot of practice rooms you can book for very little money.

Even though you go there for around 5-6 hours, you will probably not train for all this time. It is much more relaxed than that. People eat together and they talk together. Most of the time, there is some kind of agenda for what you want to do, but often times there are enough chances to mess around and to exchange creatively.