I like trusting people. I trust most people. I have to say that I am not gullible. I don’t fall for scams. However, when people tell me they are going to do something, I believe them. I have been burnt by this, though. I did some work over the Internet for someone I didn’t know. He said he would pay but he disappeared when it came time to pay up. I learned my lesson. In these impersonal interactions, it is better to make sure and have some security before doing work.
I have a similar problem right now, though. This time, I did some small work for a local business in my area. The changes were really small so I did not demand them to pay me before delivering my work or formulated a contract with them. They are a proper business and the amount is not that big. I felt like they would pay me properly. They said they would. It has been two weeks now and they still didn’t pay. I am getting worried. I might not get paid again. I don’t know what is wrong with people. How do they think it is okay to steal from me?
I cannot let this keep happening. I need to make sure that I get paid before I do the work. It sucks. It is much easier and faster starting with the work immediately and leaving all the payment stuff for later. It is more comfortable relying on handshakes but it is not working for me at all. People’s handshakes don’t seem to be worth much in these days of the Internet and that is a huge shame.