I went to a battle today and I made the resolve that I would ask the organizer about promoting Choomza. I know the organizer pretty well so I was sure that he would allow me to talk a little bit about it. I have only done this one other time so far and that time I was asked to speak by somebody else. It terrified me completely asking him to let me speak. It also terrified me to speak in front of everybody.

Of course, the organizer allowed me to speak. I just wanted to do it really short and quick but my friends were making a big deal out of it so I ended up talking a lot longer than I planned. I didn’t have anything prepared so I feel like I might have been rambling a little bit. It was fine, though. Most of the people there are my friends and they were cheering for me the whole time. It felt pretty good. I guess I have to do this more often now.