Perhaps you saw that I have a dance youtube channel and I upload a new video every Monday and Friday. Most people, who start youtube channels, seem to want to become famous. You see a lot of people promoting their small channels all over the place. I fully realize that I do not have the skills in dancing or video editing to be successful just yet. I have very different reasons for shooting videos and I believe that everybody who wants to do something creative should try to do so publicly right from the beginning.

First, I just started to shoot videos because I wanted to stay connected to my friends in Korea. Most of them, of course, could not see that I was still dancing or practicing a lot. These friends wanted to see me and I still wanted to exchange with them. Uploading videos was exactly the right method.

However, I noticed really quickly that other things were happening as well. I could actually assess my own skills a lot more objectively and I was able to see that I still suck A LOT. It doesn’t discourage me (that much). I am happy to know that I can focus on the things that bother me the most and I can train more efficiently.

Shooting videos and going to battles still makes me very nervous. I mess up a lot and I am not completely comfortable. There is often this feeling that you should become professional before you can put yourself out there, but raw skill won’t help you get over fear or nervousness. If I start shooting videos now, I will have a much easier time editing and putting myself out there, when I actually acquire the skills I need.