I have been involved in a big performance over the last month. It is called surrogate cities and it is part of the “ruhr triennale”. It was much bigger than anything I have been involved in so far and it was quite different from the things I am used to. It was a huge production with around 100 different performers and an orchestra. There was a crew for the sound and the light and everything.

However most of all, the dance style and the kind of music was very new to me. It was not Hip Hop AT ALL. Even though they searched for hip hop dancers, the whole piece ended up being a very abstract contemporary choreography. It did, however, allow us to implement our own training and use the moves we learned so far. Overall, it was an amazing opportunity and we were able to exchange a lot with each other.

We had very regular training and it was very interesting to work on a single project over an extended period of time. You need to have a certain kind of dedication to keep yourself focused on a seemingly simple task for such a long time and it was nice to see that I was able to cope with it very well. It did not get boring, but at the same time, I am glad that I can go back to my regular training now.